Virtual Tour - Transportation | The French Pastry School

Virtual Tour - Transportation

Whether you’re coming from the suburbs or from out of the United States, Chicago has a transportation system that’s easy to navigate.  Below are some options for getting to the city and getting around once you’re here:

Chicago has convenient transportation via CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) buses and elevated/subway trains (the "L"). For more information please see

Metropolitan Train Lines (Metra), connecting the city and its suburbs terminate at Union Station, Ogilvie Transportation Center, and Van Buren Stations located only blocks from the school. For more information please visit

The South Shore Line, arriving from Indiana, stops at the Van Buren Station.

Short-term visitors may obtain a voucher from The French Pastry School for a discount at the Traders Parking Lot. This lot is less than a block from the school and has entrances from Wells, Franklin, and Van Buren. Notify us if you plan on visiting and would like a voucher for a discount. For more information, see the FAQs.

Please call us if you need additional assistance at 312.726.2419.