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Continuing Education

Workshops and Continuing Education

The Continuing Education workshops at The French Pastry School are a combination of multiple chef demonstrations and some hands-on experience. They are designed for professionals in the pastry/culinary industry or at-home food enthusiasts who want to learn from the best in a short period of time.  Students are taught by our Chef Instructors and Master Chefs from around the world who cover a wide variety of topics including French macarons, chocolate showpieces and candies, artisan breads, ice creams, breakfast pastries, and luxurious cakes.  All classes are held in our state-of-the-art commercial kitchens where you will have access to the finest ingredients and the latest equipment.  Whether you are trying to impress your customers or just friends and family, you can learn the basics or the latest techniques in our classes throughout the year.


Students will receive a full recipe book, samples to take home, and a certificate approved by the American Culinary Federation for Continuing Education credit.

Current Classes

Introduction to Sculpted Cakes with Chef Courtney Clark

Nov 19 - Nov 21, 2019 (4:00 pm - 9:00 pm)
Chef Courtney Clark

Food Enthusiat Workshops Enthusiast Schedule

Our Food Enthusiast workshops are perfect for the home food enthusiast.  These 3-5 day classes require no previous experience in pastry or baking, and provide a professional yet fun and comfortable introduction to many areas of the pastry arts.  Learn how to make classic French desserts and pastries, seasonal pies and tarts, chocolates, artisan breads, and much more.  Classes are a combination of chef demonstrations and hands-on experience where participants will have the opportunity to create some of the recipes while our chefs provide real-time tips.  Our Food Enthusiast classes are also a great introduction to the industry for those considering a pastry arts career.


Professional Classes Professional Schedule

Our Professional classes are geared towards pastry and baking professionals who want to hone or expand their skills, or provide training for their teams.  The 4-5 day classes are taught by distinguished visiting chefs from around the world including prominent international figures such Stéphane Leroux, M.O.F., Joël Defives, M.O.F., Frank Haasnoot, Christophe Morel, and many others.  Topics explore high levels of expertise in subjects such as sugar artistry, entremets and petit gateaux, chocolate showpieces and candies, and more.  Our professional classes are designed to maximize the sharing of knowledge and recipes from our chef experts in a short period of time and will include some hands-on time.  


All tools, equipment, and ingredients will be provided. The French Pastry School has a strict dress code: students are required to wear long black or khaki colored pants, kitchen-safe shoes (closed toe, non-skid, no laces, made from a hard protective leather material), and a chef's jacket.  FPS Chef jackets are available for purchase from the school and can be picked up on the day of the class.  Please call for more information.

The French Pastry School reserves the right to cancel or change the classes at any time.

Courses are approved by the American Culinary Federation for Continuing Education Hours (CEH's).  The Amercian Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission (ACFEFAC) is recognized by teh Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).