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It’s Elemental: Dining at Chicago’s Elysian Hotel Chef Danny Grant creates an award-winning experience at Chicago’s Elysian Hotel
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September 7, 2011

Strong ties with local farmers, an exceptional rapport with staff and a distinctive dynamic with guests are the key elements of the dining experience Chef Danny Grant creates at RIA and Balsan in Chicago’s Elysian Hotel.

Grant, who began his career cooking in professional kitchens throughout New York and Arizona, hit his stride in Chicago while working with award-winning chef Bruce Sherman at North Pond.

After serving as chef de cuisine at North Pond for five years and completing his studies in pastry at the French Pastry School, Grant took a hiatus to travel, work and hone his skills in Europe. Back in the United States, he served as a sous chef at NoMI before launching RIA, a two-Michelin-star restaurant, and Balsan, a modern bistro, at the Elysian Hotel in 2009.
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