Press release: Chef Instructor of The French Pastry School Is Honored | The French Pastry School

Press release: Chef Instructor of The French Pastry School Is Honored

Chef Instructor of The French Pastry School Is Honored
The French Pastry School |
July 14, 2010
En-Ming Hsu Named Pastry Chef of the Year at World Pastry Forum

Chicago, Illinois (July 14, 2010) – Chef En-Ming Hsu, World Pastry Champion and Chef Instructor at The French Pastry School at City Colleges of Chicago, was recognized at the World Pastry Forum in Phoenix, Arizona: She was named the 2010 Pastry Chef of the Year by the World Pastry Team Championship.

Each year, the forum hosts pastry professionals and students from all over the world for one of the largest international pastry conventions. Hands-on classes and demonstrations were offered by world-renowned chefs, and the biennial World Pastry Team Championship was also held where Team Japan took the gold medal, followed by Team Italy with the silver, and Team USA taking bronze. At the forum, Chef Hsu taught “Five-Star Plated Desserts” to pastry professionals and students.

“Chef En-Ming is an inspiration to her students and to all pastry chefs,” said Co-Founder and Dean of The French Pastry School, Chef Sébastien Canonne, M.O.F. “She is a passionate artist and teacher, and she constantly strives to improve.”

During her demonstrations, Hsu spoke about the importance of flow in a menu. From the first course through the dessert, the experience should be not just enjoyable, but a cohesive one. Chef Hsu often uses fresh, homemade cheeses in her desserts as they connect to the main courses of the meal. Some recipes she demonstrated included her Kahlua Ice Cream with Ricotta Fritters, Rosemary-Glazed Figs with Homemade Fromage Blanc, and a Lavender Honey Cake with Chocolate Silk and Morello Cherry Compote.

Chef Hsu served as Team Captain of the United States Pastry Team that took the Gold Medal at the World Pastry Cup in Lyon, France in 2001. Hsu returned to the World Pastry Cup in 2003 to serve as President of the International Jury, and again in 2005, 2007, and 2009 as Jury President and Manager for Team USA. Last year, Hsu was named the Dame de l’Année by the Académie Culinaire de France. Chef Hsu teaches in The French Pastry School’s 24-week certificate program, L’Art de la Pâtisserie, The Professional Pastry and Baking Program.


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