The French Pastry School

Chris Hanmer | Owner of The School of Pastry Design and Winner of Top Chef: Just Desserts Season 2 | February 2012

Whether you’re a pastry chef training for a high profile competition or working your way up in a neighborhood bakery, you have to aim for excellence. It’s a life-long goal and you need a strong base of knowledge to even begin: For the Love of Chocolate’s mission is to give aspiring pastry chefs that foundation so they can join and, ultimately, elevate our industry.

Keegan Gerhard | Owner of D Bar Desserts and Host of Food Network Challenge | February 2012

Chefs Jacquy and Sébastien are pastry chefs on a mission: they’ve created the best pastry school in the country, instilled their students with passion and skill, and they started For the Love of Chocolate Scholarship foundation to make it easier for driven students to get that instruction. In terms of pastry education, it doesn’t get better than The French Pastry School.

Johnny Iuzzini | Judge of Top Chef: Just Dessert | February 2012

The pastry world is all about turning out great product that people want to come back to. The French Pastry School is doing just that: the only difference is that their product is the alumni who are known for their great work, discipline, and leadership in pastry kitchens across the country. I’m thrilled to be a part of it at For the Love of Chocolate.

Ronald R. Klein, Jr. | Chicago Marriott Oak Brook | February 2012

I would like to let you know that we did in fact hire one of your students. She is working out very well: it must be the leadership at your school. She is very positive and does an extremely good job here at the Oak Brook Marriott. Thanks for your help.

Gelato Café

Ann Pritchard | L’Art de la Patisserie ‘08 | March 2012

Not a day has gone by since I first walked in to The French Pastry School to begin the program in 2008 that I have not felt thrilled and appreciative of the wonderful, beyond my dreams experience.

Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel

Vanille Patisserie

Harborside International Golf Center

Slurping Turtle


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