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The Ritz-Carlton Resorts of Naples

Janet Hurley | L’Art de la Pâtisserie ‘10 | June 2012

I just wanted to thank you for my great news. I know that both of you have been very instrumental in my getting this job and I really appreciate it. I start this morning at Park Hyatt and could not be more excited. I know Chef Josh says if you are not a little nervous then you are not going in the right direction. Well, I am and it is great. I have really enjoyed these past few months off and feel like I am ready for this new challenge. Thank you so much for your support, I cannot stop smiling.

B True Bakery

Rabin Worldwide - auction

C-House Restaurant

Daisy Cake Boutique

David Wesmael's Incredible Ice Creams, Sorbets, Gel

We are honored to have Chef David Wesmael, M.O.F. return for the second consecutive year to teach at The French Pastry School. Chef Wesmael, M.O.F. is known for teaching new methods and flavors in making ice creams, sorbets and gelatos. You will be apply his innovative methods to create and build a variety of frozen desserts, using ice creams, gelatos, sorbets, frozen mousses, granités or bombes glacées.

Mon, 03/21/2011 to Thu, 03/24/2011

Fine Chocolate Candies II

In this more advanced level class and continuation of Fine Chocolate Candies I, Master Chocolatier, Jean-Pierre Wybauw will teach you the art of fine chocolate candies in this professional-level, hands-on course. In this three-day hands-on course, you will learn complex techniques of shelf-life extension, including bonbons made with fresh cream and butter without using preservatives. You will also learn recipe elaboration, and problem solving (like how to reverse a split ganache and prevent the drying out of fillings).

Thu, 03/17/2011 to Sat, 03/19/2011

Fine Chocolate Candies I

Join Master Chocolatier, Jean-Pierre Wybauw, who has been sharing his passion and expertise at The French Pastry School for seven years, in this professional-level, hands-on course to learn the art of classic fine chocolate candies. In this three-day hands-on course, you will review the theory of tempering and cooling, storage, and general problem solving (including how to prevent blooming). You will create an array of fine chocolates including molded, hand-dipped, enrobed, and piped chocolates. You will make different fillings, and a wide variety of ganaches,.

Mon, 03/14/2011 to Wed, 03/16/2011

Bronwen Weber's Incredible Sculpted Cakes

We are honored to have Chef Bronwen Weber return to The French Pastry School teaching new cake sculptures. Bronwen Weber’s signature cake carving and fondant modeling methods will be the highlight of this three-day hands-on class. Each student will create two finished showpiece projects: a hippopotamus and a sculpted face. Many techniques will be taught in this class, including stable internal structure systems, cake construction and carving methods, covering irregularly shaped cakes in fondant, fondant modeling, chocolate modeling, sculpting, and painting and airbrush techniques.

Mon, 01/17/2011 to Wed, 01/19/2011


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