The French Pastry School

Richard M. Daley | Mayor, City of Chicago | November, 2009

The French Pastry School has become known as one of the finest pastry schools in the United States thanks to its foundation of instruction which includes the European artist-apprentice teaching model, hands-on training, and the use of the finest tools and ingredients. The executive chefs, who hire graduates from this school after experiencing their preparation, actively seek new French Pastry School graduates for their kitchens. That is a true compliment to the school and to our city.

Sarah Levy | Alumna, The French Pastry School | President, Sarah's Pastries & Candies Inc | October, 2009

Nowhere else can you get the intense, hands-on training from a staff who are not only brilliant chefs but also talented teachers and inspiring mentors.

Chef Bronwen Weber | Frosted Art in Dallas, Texas | March 2009

I love teaching at your school. The professionalism is so admirable and the pride the students feel for their school is so apparent. Thank you so much for the opportunity to teach there. It was always a goal of mine from the beginning.

Chef Pierre Hermé | May, 2008

I have never seen a pastry school such as this. The preparation was perfect, the facilities were amazing, and the workshop was a wonderful, wonderful experience.

Lula Cafe

La Boulangerie

Naples Yacht Club

Gayety's Chocolates

Danielle Rivera-Gonzalzles | Graduate of L'Art de la Patisserie, January, 2011

The Intership [at Ferrara Pan Candy Company] was AMAZING! Culinary and machinery meet in the most interesting way, I felt like I was walking around inside of a Lionel Train set following this track or that pipe to see where I'd end up or what would come out of it. Working with their R&D Manager has sparked an interest in Food Science and Flavor Chemistry. And there was never a day that my perpetual "why's and how's" vexed them.

Celestial Kitchens


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