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Pastries are always best experienced hands-on and we hope you can join us soon; in the meantime, we hope you’re inspired by what you see here. There are many ways to keep up with what's happening at The French Pastry School: read our articles, interviews, and blog entries; follow us online through various social networks or join us in person for an upcoming event. See what our friends are saying on our website, or read news about us in various other media.

The French Pastry School | April 18, 2012

Did you miss the Full Food Fashion Show at the 7th Annual For the Love of Chocolate Gala? Keegan Gerhard announced over 30 gorgeous, edible designs as they walked down the runway to the beats of DJ Anacron.  Watch the video here courtesy of AV Chicago. Click here to watch part 1 of the two part video.

The French Pastry School | April 11, 2012

Pastry Chicago hosted its 2nd Annual Amateur/Student Scone Competition at The French Pastry School on March 31st.  Visit for the results, the winning recipes, and more photos!

The French Pastry School | April 6, 2012

Agnieszka Klepacki, L’Art de la Patisserie ’09, and her bakery, La Blondina, was featured in one of Chicago’s most celebrated news segments, ABC7’s Hungry Hound.  Reporter, Steve Dolinsky, spoke with Chef Klepacki about her experience at The French Pastry School and how she combines her French training with her Polish heritage for delicious results.  Watch the video here

The French Pastry School | April 4, 2012

Anne Kauffmann, Marketing Director of The French Pastry School, had the chance to visit the Jelly Belly Factory in Wisconsin and speak with local news correspondent Amy Carlson from NBC 15 Madison about “The Bean.”  The collaboration between The French Pastry School, After School Matters, For the Love of Chocolate Foundation, and The Food Channel resulted in a 9.5’ x 6’ x 5’ replica of Anish Kapoor’s Cloudgate entirely covered in over 120.000 jelly beans and Chocolate Dips®.  The Jelly Belly® Bean will be on display at The 2012 Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago’s McCormick Place.&

The French Pastry School | April 4, 2012

Danny Grant, L’Art de la Pâtisserie ’06, was named one of 2012’s Best New Chefs by Food & Wine Magazine.  His excellent work as Executive Chef at Ria and Balsan Restaurants in Chicago’s Waldorf Astoria made him one of only 10 honorees across the nation.  Read more about Chef Grant, his experiences, and inspirations in this profile on Food & Wine’s website.

The French Pastry School | April 2, 2012

Chef Della Gossett, National Pastry Champion and chef instructor at The French Pastry School, was featured in an article appearing in Today's Chicago Woman.  The article focused on the talented female alumni of Charlie Trotter's where Chef Gossett served as Executive Pastry Chef for nearly a decade.  Read the full article here.

Crain's Chicago Business | By Becky Beaupre Gillespie | March 19, 2012

Amy Hansen was sitting in the middle of a child's dream one recent afternoon: a sunlit storefront with robin's-egg blue walls and white shelves, each lined with glass jars of gummy bears, licorice bites, Pixy Stix, lollipops and chocolate. Tubes of homemade caramels and almond pistachio nougat stood like soldiers at the front counter, and a sweet smell wafted in from the kitchen.

Read full article here.

The French Pastry School | March 15, 2012

Cindy Hawkins, L’Art de la Pâtisserie ’08 alum, and owner of Circle City Sweets, was featured in Indianapolis’ local magazine, Nuvo.  Known for her great location in Indianapolis City Market and her high quality treats. Chef Hawkins spoke with writer, Katy Carter, about her experience at The French Pastry School and the importance of homemade. Read the article here.

The French Pastry School | March 7, 2012

L’Art de la Pâtisserie alum, Chef Danny Grant of Ria and Balsan Restaurants at The Waldorf Astoria Chicago, was nominated for Food & Wine's The People's Best New Chef! Show your support for all alumni of The French Pastry School by voting; all it takes is a click and there's no limit to how many times you can vote. You can cast your ballot here but be sure to hurry - voting ends on March 11th!

Voice of America | March 6, 2012

Maggie Austin turned to baking after being sidelined by an injury
For most of her life, Maggie Austin was a ballerina. But when a traumatic injury ended her career, she found a different outlet for her impressive talents - creating one-of-a-kind wedding cakes that are edible works of art. Read more here.