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Pastries are always best experienced hands-on and we hope you can join us soon; in the meantime, we hope you’re inspired by what you see here. There are many ways to keep up with what's happening at The French Pastry School: read our articles, interviews, and blog entries; follow us online through various social networks or join us in person for an upcoming event. See what our friends are saying on our website, or read news about us in various other media.

The French Pastry School | February 14, 2014

What would you do if you only had 72 hours in Paris? Here's what our graduate, Meg Galus '05 of NoMI Restaurant, did - it's an incredible pastry adventure in the Chicago Tribune

The French Pastry School | February 4, 2014

Culinary Arts Instructor, Angelique Kerger, and Curie High School culinary students hosted Chef Joel Reno from The French Pastry School as a guest instructor in their kitchen Tuesday, February 4. Chef Joel demonstrated recipes, skills, and techniques used at The French Pastry School and shared information about working in the culinary industry. See photos here.

The French Pastry School | January 3, 2014

Kurt Fogle, L'Art de la Patisserie '06, shares his experiences as Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer's apprentice in this lovely article by Lori Fredrich from  "He didn't just teach me how to bake," Fogle says, "he taught me how to think."  Read the article here.

The French Pastry School | December 26, 2013

Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer, Co-Founder and Academic Dean of Student Affairs for The French Pastry School was featured on Public Radio International's (PRI) The World. In this segment, Chef Jacquy shares his love for the Alsatian specialty, the kougelhopf, and the history of this delicious treat.

The French Pastry School | December 23, 2013
The French Pastry School | December 23, 2013

Gorgeous designs by Maggie Austin, L'Art de la Pâtisserie '09, were featured in The White House's holiday decorations this season. Austin designed vases that were covered with a blanket of life-like, scarlet-hued gumpaste flowers - see pictures and read about the guests' reactions here!

The French Pastry School | December 20, 2013

Students of L’Art de la Pâtisserie – The Professional Pastry & Baking Program and L’Art du Gâteau, The Professional Cake Baking and Decorating Program celebrate their graduation from their full-time programs.

The French Pastry School | December 3, 2013

Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer's new book, The Art of French Pastry, was released today by Knopf. Find out more about the publication here!

The French Pastry School | October 18, 2013

The use of chocolate dates all the way back to ancient cultures and, since then, the industry surrounding it has continued to constantly grow and evolve. This October 18th – 22nd, come learn all there is to know about today’s finest cocoa products as the second annual Fine Chocolate & Dessert Show and National Chocolate & Dessert Show takes over the halls of Navy Pier.

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The French Pastry School | October 2, 2013

Just a couple hours north of The French Pastry School in Chicago, Wisconsinites can experience a strong artisan food culture that our graduates are feeding. After working with Kurt Fogle ’06 of Milwaukee’s SURG Restaurant Group for years on the savory side, Matthew Haase decided to follow in Fogle's footsteps and enroll in The French Pastry School's L’Art de la Pâtisserie program.