LAG Application -- SHORT ESSAY QUESTIONS | The French Pastry School


You have applied for L’Art du Gâteau. Please send us the following items in order to complete your application.  An admissions representative will be in touch with you soon.


·Your responses to the essay questions.  Each of the five essay questions should be answered in 150 words or less and can be mailed, emailed or faxed.  You can find the essay questions below:

1. Why have you chosen to pursue a career in pastry? Outline what exposure you have had to the pastry profession.
2. What do you consider are the most important qualities in a successful pastry chef?
3. What do you think will be your greatest challenge in completing the program at The French Pastry School?
4. What are your expectations of the food industry when it comes to hours, pay and overall chef to employee demeanor? 
5. Why did you select the French Pastry School for your pastry education?


·Two letters of reference.  These should be from someone who can comment on your contribution to the community, career or academic progress (e.g. teachers, employers, clergy, and community leaders) with examples of commendable achievements or attributes.  These letters may be mailed, emailed or faxed.  References from family members will not be considered.


·Your current resume.  This should detail your past employment, education and volunteer history.  You are not required to have previous experience in the food industry.  You resume may be mailed, emailed or faxed.


·A digital photo of yourself.  This will be used for your student ID and a free public transportation pass provided by the Chicago Transit Authority.  This photo may be emailed.


·An official copy of your High School Transcript.  The high school transcript must be mailed and bear the official school seal. 


·A completed Uniform Order Form.  An admissions representative from The French Pastry School will send you an order firm when confirming your application.  Please fill it out and fax or mail it back; you may also reply to the email with your size.  We also welcome you to come in and try on the uniforms in person.


·International students should contact the school directly for additional procedures.



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