about fps - mission statement blurb | The French Pastry School

about fps - mission statement blurb

Mission Statement

The French Pastry School of Kennedy-King College at City Colleges of Chicago strives to offer an innovative, effective, intensive education in which students are equipped to achieve excellence in the pastry, baking and confectionery arts.

Our students are optimally prepared to pursue a career in pastry after learning to use the finest ingredients and equipment and receiving intensive hands-on instruction from internationally acclaimed master pastry chefs. Whether in our full-time certificate programs or a Continuing Education course, students are personally mentored by experts in their crafts. The French Pastry School’s goal is to transmit the knowledge, commitment, and passion necessary for our students to continually elevate the art of pastry.


At The French Pastry School, we pride ourselves on the following:
  1. Providing personal instruction and hands-on training from world class pastry chef instructors in a comfortable atmosphere;
  2. Giving personal attention to each student’s individual career goals from the minute they come in contact with the school and maintaining a positive relationship with alumni throughout their careers;
  3. Ensuring students have easy access to, as well as individual attention from, their chef instructors by keeping class sizes small;
  4. Dedicating the best ingredients and equipment available for our students to learn with in kitchens designed specifically to teach the art, science, technique, and method needed to excel in the pastry industry;
  5. Offering courteous student services and thoughtful financial guidance tailored to each student’s needs;
  6. Presenting opportunities to our students to become a part of their professional community by promoting and supporting participation in organizations like Pastry Chicago and For the Love of Chocolate Foundation;
  7. Promoting lifelong learning by providing Continuing Education courses for graduates, professionals, and food enthusiasts.