The French Pastry School
Fine Chocolate Candies I
Date: Mar 14 - Mar 16, 2011 (7:00 am - 3:00 pm)
Course level: Professional ♦♦♦
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Join Master Chocolatier, Jean-Pierre Wybauw, who has been sharing his passion and expertise at The French Pastry School for seven years, in this professional-level, hands-on course to learn the art of classic fine chocolate candies. In this three-day hands-on course, you will review the theory of tempering and cooling, storage, and general problem solving (including how to prevent blooming). You will create an array of fine chocolates including molded, hand-dipped, enrobed, and piped chocolates. You will make different fillings, and a wide variety of ganaches,. The course will conclude with a tasting and grand buffet, and all your delicious artisan candies will be yours to bring home. Take this opportunity to learn artisan chocolates from a world-renowned master!

Chef Jean-Pierre Wybauw served as the technical advisor for Barry-Callebaut chocolate in Wieze, Belgium for 37 years. He continues to travel the world offering courses and lectures on chocolate as a technical advisor. His many notable achievements include creating the first transfer sheets in 1965, now used throughout the world. He is also the author of Fine Chocolates – Great Experience I, which won three prestigious awards including the “Golden Ladle” award, the Gourmand Award, and The World Food Media Award, and has been translated into seven languages. Additional books by Wybauw include Chocolate without Borders, Foodie Chocolate, Chocolate Decorations, Fine Chocolates – Great Experience II: The Ganaches, which also won "The Best of the Best" by Gourmand Awards, and his newest book due out December 2010 - Fine Chocolates 3: How They Last Longer and Taste Stronger.