The French Pastry School
Contemporary Chocolate Plated Desserts with Chef Meg Galus
Date: Mar 27 - Mar 30, 2017 (1:00 pm - 8:00 pm)
Cost: $1,150.00
Course level: Professional ♦♦♦
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Join Chef Meg Galus, pastry chef of BOKA and Swift & Sons, as she shares with you the philosophy and inspiration behind her contemporary restaurant-focused pastries. Her ever trendy sense of style will inspire you to learn her impeccable techniques and achieve stellar and sophisticated desserts.


Chef Galus was recently chosen as a James Beard Outstanding Pastry Chef finalist and has been nominated twice for the Jean Banchet Best Rising Pastry Chef Award.  Chef Galus is a culinary mastermind at dreaming up decadent and innovative sweets.  If you are looking to be inspired in your kitchen, this is the course for you. 


Some of her signature recipes will include:


Dark Chocolate-Goat Milk-Herbs-Licorice: Chocolate tuiles, dark chocolate cremeux, flour-less chocolate cake, whipped goat milk cream infused with mint and thyme, aerated thyme milk chocolate, licorice syrup, frozen goat yogurt


Chocolate Stout-Grains-Butterscotch-Buttermilk: Shaved chocolate/stout ganache rolls, butterscotch ice cream, buttermilk panna cotta, chocolate opaline, stout butterscotch, rye streusel, puffed buckwheat


Citrus Dreamsicle-Tahitian Vanilla Bean-Milk Chocolate-Blood Orange-Yuzu: Vanilla bean and milk chocolate mousses, microwave vanilla sponge, mandarin pearls, blood orange ginger sorbet, milk chocolate-freeze dried citrus garnish, whipped moscato cloud


Pear Beignets-White Chocolate-Coconut: Wattleseed-dusted beignets, coconut-white chocolate cream, pear sorbet, poached pears, popped sorghum, white chocolate powder, compressed pears, lemon gel


Chocolate Mousse-Fiori di Sicilia-Hibiscus: Dark chocolate mousse, liquid fiori di sicilia truffle, hibiscus molasses, whipped vanilla bean panna cotta, chocolate lace, flour-less cake


Malted Crème Fraiche-Gianduja-Pistachio-Dark Chocolate: Gianduja pave, pistachio financier, whipped pistachio cremeux, honey roasted nuts, dark chocolate crème fraiche sauce, malted crème fraiche ice cream, dark chocolate twig garnish


Macchiato/Chocolate-Coffee-Lemon: Baked chocolate mousse, caramel coffee cremeux, whipped coffee lemon panna cotta, chocolate dome & leaf garnish, chocolate feuilletine crunch


Toasted Almond-Violet-Caramelized White Chocolate-Yogurt: Toasted almond sorbet, whipped yogurt, caramelized white chocolate mousse, milk jam, chocolate shavings, violet gel, angel food cake, almond praline


Chocolate Mignardises: Bonbons, lollipops, mendiants, canneles, chocolate confections, marshmallows



This course is approved by the American Culinary Federation for 28 Continuing Education Hours (CEH's).