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Blog: When NHL meets FPS

When NHL meets FPS
The French Pastry School |
September 24, 2014

When one thinks of The French Pastry School, one might not automatically connect it with NHL hockey. But you can say that FPS and the Chicago Blackhawks have a history together. Many of our staff members are avid hockey fans, so when the Blackhawks commissioned FPS to create an exact replica of the cup and puck made entirely from chocolate when the Hawks won the Stanley Cup in both 2010 and 2013 seasons, it was the icing on the cake. And so we made them. Twice.


(Photo from The French Pastry School)

Now, it’s no surprise that we get calls from people all over the world to inquire about our programs. We are the French Pastry School. Monday, we received a call that “Coach Q”, Mr. Joel Quenneville, king of the Chicago Blackhawks, knew someone interested in FPS programs and would be coming in to tour our school. The air in the room got lighter and there was an excitement not particularly normal for a Monday. A local sports celebrity was coming to our kitchens!



(Photo credit: Anne Kauffmann)

We were able to give Coach Q and his company a tour of our teaching kitchens, and very generously gave a few extra moments of his time to take some photos with and meet our staff. We were also able to guide Coach’s friends to our programs and we hope to see them here in student uniform very soon!