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Blog: Riding the Wave of Pastry

Riding the Wave of Pastry
The French Pastry School |
August 27, 2014

There have been some pretty serious trends in pastry for the last several years—cupcakes, pie, cake pops, macarons, the cronut (the croissant/doughbut hybrid), and then back to a regular doughnut. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s on the horizon in pastry, with so many new up-and-coming chefs and the renewed interest in food culture. It’s also hard to determine how long a trend will last. It seems cupcakes have been on a downward spiral for several years, but have not reached the abyss, while the cronut sensation lasted only for a short season.

You may have seen in recent news that renowned Crumbs Cupcake Company has shuttered after rapid expansion and 11 years of business. Of all the fickle pastry trends that have come and gone, cupcakes have ridden the plateau for a while and still continue in many markets. Still, among the waves of different grand dessert ideas, there are still standards that remain timeless. Croissants, baguettes, ice cream, celebration and wedding cakes, and chocolate will always be à la mode. As these things will never go away, we must prepare future pastry chefs to continue in the sweet and baked traditions given hundreds of years ago and improve on those recipes with updated flavors and techniques.

We start our programs with the understanding that everyone has to eat, and people will always eat sweets. When things are rough, the economy’s bad, the world is going to pot, people turn to sweets for comfort. When things are great, life is good, and things are looking up, people eat sweets to celebrate. We as pastry professionals will always be a necessary part of the food industry. Cultures around the world center their social lives around the dining table; we share our food experiences with loved ones, coworkers, or have a moment alone. So for us as pastry and dessert people, it is of great significance that as people start their day with a pastry or wind down their meals with dessert, the first and last things in their mouths are memorable, delicious, and worth sharing.