Blog: The Power of the Cookie | The French Pastry School

Blog: The Power of the Cookie

The Power of the Cookie
The French Pastry School |
September 10, 2014

One of the things I remember most about my first day as a student of the French Pastry School was my classmates and I meeting Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer. He’s a good-humored man with hands and a heart made for pastry. During his orientation spiel, he told us about “The Power of the Cookie”. It sounds like a sad diet ploy or perhaps a children’s book, but it’s actually an idea that connects food and relationships.

“The Power of the Cookie” refers to the exchange made when someone receives something in return (or maybe not) for the cost of a bite of deliciousness. For a few of our students, TPOTC may mean a free train ride for the trade of a day’s baguette. For me, it was a tin of unwrapped caramels exchanged—by surprise!—for complimentary appetizers at dinner with friends (I gave them to our server, who took them back to the kitchen. The manager comp-ed some of our food because they appreciated the candies!). It might also be giving a handful of croissants to the homeless man sitting on the corner—a simple kindness given without expectation of return.

We take every opportunity here at The French Pastry School to instill in our students the importance of building a network. From completing required stages and competing in Pastry Chicago competitions to practicing our craft at home to share with others and eating out at well-known dining establishments, we push our students to meet other pastry enthusiasts as well as pastry professionals. We encourage our students to give of their time, their energy, their skills, and their passion within our industry, because giving creates connections, boosts confidence, and maybe even unknowingly give a future employer a first taste of a student’s potential.