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Blog: The Pastry Poet

The Pastry Poet
The French Pastry School |
July 10, 2012

Twice a month, we bring you limericks about our featured treats. To suggest a limerick you’d like to read, submit a contact form and leave your idea in the section for questions. If your idea inspires our poet, we’ll send you a free French Pastry Experience for you and a friend.


To properly praise plain panna cotta
You’d need an operatic Carlotta;
But add a flavor
And you will crave ’er.
To eat it more often you just gotta.

Whether pots de crème or clafoutie,
Custard is cooked in a bain marie.
Not many can tell
Flan from crème caramel,
But it’s true that steamed they both must be.

If you boil an egg you will see
How different white and yolk can be:
Whites will be more firm,
Yolks <a softer term>,
And the ratio you use is key.

The rich are always willing to pay
For an equally rich crème brulee.
Sometimes the custard
Won’t cut the mustard,
But when it does it can make your day.

The sugar’s the first thing I learnt
Because caramelized it weren’t.
Though it wasn’t for long
The torch used was quite strong:
It bubbled, then darkened, then burnt.