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Blog: The Pastry Poet

The Pastry Poet
The French Pastry School |
June 28, 2012

Twice a month, we bring you limericks about our featured treats. To suggest a limerick you’d like to read, submit a contact form and leave your idea in the section for questions. If your idea inspires our poet, we’ll send you a free French Pastry Experience for you and a friend.

Lemon Curd

When we speak about curd
It may be that you’ve heard
Of the kind they squeeze
To make a good cheese.
For pastry, that’s absurd.

With just bright citrus juice and eggs
It could stand on its own two legs
But add the butter
And your heart’ll flutter
And to eat it your tummy begs.

With passion fruit and lime,
It pleases every time,
But lemon’s the treat
That just can’t be beat:
It’s simple and sublime.

Chefs of the pastry art
Proved to us that they’re smart
When they found the filling
Would well-fit the billing
To be put in a tart.

For dessert, it’s a funny word:
Something creamy be called a curd?
Pastries so Elysian
Should sound more Parisian:
This mister needs to be monsieur’d.