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The Next Trendsetters
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May 16, 2014
New Cake Artists Take Flight

Chicago, Illinois (May 16, 2014) – The French Pastry School of Kennedy-King College at City Colleges of Chicago launched the most recent cohort of students, who specialized in the art of cake baking and decorating. On May 2nd, twenty-four students from all over the country and around the world celebrated their graduation from L’Art du Gâteau, the sixteen-week, full-time, Professional Cake Decorating and Baking Program. Amy Beck, owner of Amy Beck Cake Design, was there to welcome them into the profession as the guest speaker for the ceremony. The class of May 2014 will follow in the footsteps of other alumni by moving forward with their current business plans or by beginning their careers in bakeries and cake boutiques.

In her address to the graduates, Amy Beck, owner of Amy Beck Cake Design, shared the path she took to owning her own business. “I always knew that I eventually wanted to open up a cake shop. So, for many years I worked out in the “Real World” as a Management Consultant, saving most of my money so I could open up my cake shop,” Amy explained. She used a 10-year plan, which included her goals for getting married, having a family, and starting a business, and she happily made it all happen. She worked hard to get there and keeps working hard staying on top of the latest trends, which she said is a key to success in the cake industry. “It is our job to either seek out the trends and learn quickly how to replicate them, or better yet, to become the next big trendsetters, ” she stated. Amy closed her speech by challenging the new group of cake artists to go out and make Chicago the epicenter of wedding cake creations.

After Amy’s address, Nicole Williams and Johanna Wyss, who were selected by their classes, shared the highlights of their experiences in the program. Nicole, a career changer who transitioned from being a hair stylist to cake decorating, thanked the chefs for sharing their talents and giving her and her classmates such a great foundation to reach their dreams. Johanna Wyss debunked the myths of cake decorators in her speech and described the camaraderie that developed among her classmates throughout the term.

Following the ceremony, guests were treated to a gallery of beautifully-decorated cakes designed and created by the graduates for their final projects. Their Sweet Sixteen cakes ranged in themes from Chicago Style Pizza to Coral Reef to Pink Princess. In addition, each student was prompted to make a Spring-inspired wedding cake, and the results were beautiful displays of the fondant, gumpaste, and piping techniques they had learned and refined throughout the term. Students and their families and friends also gathered for a reception where they celebrated and enjoyed a lovely assortment of desserts prepared by the students, interns, and faculty of the school.

The next cohort of L’Art du Gâteau students will begin their own pastry journey at The French Pastry School on September 2, 2014.  The school is still accepting applications for this program, as well as for the June 16th term of L’Art de la Boulangerie and the July 7th term of L’Art de la Pâtisserie.  For more information, please contact info@frenchpastryschool.com or call 312.726.2419.