Article: Baking with Chef Pfeiffer | The French Pastry School

Article: Baking with Chef Pfeiffer

Baking with Chef Pfeiffer
Sarah Levy - TCW Magazine |
March 19, 2014

It was a brutally cold day when Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer and I made Bostock Brioche (aka twice-baked brioche) together. The French Pastry School was closed due to subzero temps and, while there were no signs of students, the staff was working away like busy bees. That’s what happens when you work for someone like Chef Pfeiffer and Sébastien Canonne, MOF, co-founders/owners of The French Pastry School.

Chef Pfeiffer quickly prepped for us to make brioche…in 60 minutes, he did what takes most chefs a few hours. He had the raw ingredients measured and labeled precisely, lining them up perfectly in the order of use. He had the brioche dough ready in every different stage – ready to be proofed, perfectly proofed, shaped, egg-washed and baked. He even had two finished brioche loaves ready to be sliced and ‘bostocked,’ or baked again.

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